"Lee K. Seitz" wrote:
> Jim Leonard boldly stated:
> >
> >> When you say "game-related," does that mean PC games or consoles, too?
> >
> >Anything that has historical interest.  Modern consoles, probably not.
> >But anything pre-PlayStation era, sure!  Why, what do you have in mind?
> Well I've amassed a collection of promotional Nintendo videos.  The
> ones Nintendo sent to those that sent back their registration cards.
> But I think most of them are for the N64.
> I do have some "how to win" videos covering the NES, Genesis, and Game
> Gear, though.  Two of them are from some special promotion Sega did
> with Howard Johnson hotels.  I've also got a fairly recent (late '90s)
> video from Midway about their upcoming (at the time) games.  It
> concludes with an apparently impromptu visit from Eugene Jarvis,
> himself!  The funny part is that he was apparently wearing a T-shirt
> with something offensive on it because they blurred it out.
> Lastly, I do have a copy of some show about truly classic consoles
> like the Vectrex.

Once I get my process down for remastering stuff, I'll put up some "before" and
"after" clips of various things so you can decide if it's worth the time.  I'd
love to see the older classic stuff (Vectrex, Midway, etc.), but I'd have no
problem doing the others for you as a quick'n'dirty job to Super VideoCD.
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