"Lee K. Seitz" wrote:
> >If the boxes are in good condition (G or higher), I'd like these to scan for
> >MobyGames.  Just let me know how much, etc.  Paypal okay?
> Didn't you already buy one copy of TD from me a year or so ago?

Whoops!  Yes, I did.  Well, another wouldn't hurt; I could put it on the
MobyGames giveaway.  Anyway, the price is right.
> The trick with classic video game collectors has been to heat the
> adhesive up with a hair dryer as you pull it off.  However, I do not
> have extensive experience with this.

I can see this working, but I tried it with trying to remove stickers
from floppy disks and ruined the disks.  Non-originals, of course -- I
was practicing to see if it was viable.  It wasn't ;-)
> there's a message titled "Goo Gone -- NOOOO!" in my inbox, but I
> haven't read it yet.  I decided to be brave and say this anyway.)

> >>    Apple Logo
> >
> >My first serious programming langange!  Hey, don't laugh:  It taught me the
> >basics of procedural programming and modular design.
> Hahmm.   Mmmmmm-bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!  Sorry, I tried not to laugh! 8)

Smarmy paints!  :-D

> But feel free to laugh at me.  I never made it beyond AppleSoft until
> I got to college, where the language of the curiculum was Pascal.
> (That was a while ago.)

Pascal + ASM is my weapon of choice nowadays, so I *still* get laughed
at.  Fine, laugh away:  I can write programs that take up 1/100th the
size of most Windows developers *and* are faster.

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