> I would say for starters, we'd need to work out a budget and a
> location.  It would be a good idea to have a duration in mind too.  2
> days would probably be reasonable.

Yeah, 2 days is probably the ideal.  Get in Friday and get set up, do the
actual show Saturday and Sunday, start cleaning up Sunday afternoon.  That's
how CGE and Philly handle it.

> - any permits, insurance etc. needed if applicable, probably depends on
> location
> It might be worthwhile to set up a small corporation to manage the funds
> and keep them separate from personal funds but I'm no lawyer.

This is the kind of area I'm not at all good at.  We have a law student on
this group, Karl Kuras, I believe?

> - exhibitors (here are prices from CGexpo for comparison:

We should probably start lower than CGE, to encourage dealers to come, since
it'd be a first-time show.

> - admission - how much is fair?  $50? $100?  Assume maybe 100 attendees

Maybe lower, to encourage more attendance.  CGE/Philly are like $25/$30 for
a two-day pass.

> - corporate sponsors, if any

Maybe contact some companies that were around back then and still exist now?
Gaming mag publishers?

> We need estimates on all these things to ensure we at least break even.

I'd be glad to crunch the numbers for a variety of attendance rates and
admission fees if we can get estimates on the stuff you listed.  (Finally
using my office-crap skills outside of work!)

> One cool thing at CGexpo which would apply here too and draw some more
> people is the 'museum' - some collector's 'donate' some of their rarer
> person is needed to keep watch over this too, even if the items ARE
> under glass.

Yeah, they had a guy controlling how many people could be in the room at any
one time at CGE.

> If John R can help track down/convince some bigwigs to come that'd be
> great.  I think we could handle making a website for it between us no
> problem, and even maybe have people pre-register (for cheaper) with
> PayPal or something.  Could sell tickets on eBay to get some free
> exposure.

Great suggestions, Howard, all of them.

> So for starters can anyone in the area (or at least the southern US)
> look in to approximate prices for these sorts of things in downtown
> Vegas, or other suggested locations?  We could find out about permits,
> insurance etc by simply asking the CGexpo organizers Im sure.

I'll e-mail them and share their replies.

> In terms
> of timing, I would give at least 6 months lead time to plan something
> like this, especially since none of us have done this before.  That
> would give enough time to scout out places, contact guests, and
> advertise to the collecting public.  anyways, thats my thoughts so far..

We may want to look at doing it during the off-peak travel season as well.
CGE was in the summer so hotel and airfare rates were a bit higher.  Maybe
fall, before the holidays, or this time next year.  (On the other hand, more
people can probably take vacations in summer.)  I'd rather go with too much
lead time than not enough.  It's gonna come up on us fast.

Great suggestions, let's keep 'em coming.

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