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> Hey,
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>> I see it as my responsibility to know exactly what code I’m pulling into my 
>> package. In my view, it’s absolutely unsafe to trust other people’s code. 
>> Even when they mean no harm, trusting them to properly apply SemVer is the 
>> same issue.
> maybe we should have the tooling support that? Elm does try to enforce 
> correct semantic versioning. Maybe swift-pm should do that too?

We would like to (try to), and it is on the long list of ideal future things to 
do. It requires a lot of compiler support no one has signed up for yet, 

 - Daniel

> See http://elm-lang.org :
> <quote>
> Enforced Semantic Versioning
> Elm can detect all API changes automatically thanks to its type system. We 
> use that information to force everything in our package catalog to follow 
> semantic versioning precisely. No more surprises in PATCH releases!
> </quote>
> I have no idea how well it works but if we'll end up relying on proper 
> semantic versioning, tool support sounds like a good idea to me.
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> Cheers,
>  Johannes

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