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>> I imagine that the core team will assist in providing implementations for 
>> proposals that are crucial to the progress of the language and/or highly 
>> popular — regardless of whether the proposal was authored by the core team 
>> or a community member.
>> From what I know of the team, they’re not going to let a good idea languish 
>> just because of the name that’s in the author field. I’m sure they _are_ 
>> going to strategically prioritize what gets attention, and that’s not a bad 
>> thing.
> Perhaps I'm being overly optimistic but I see this change as enhancing 
> collaboration between idea-level and code-level evolution. Requiring a 
> preliminary implementation:

This change is also intended to strengthen the community in two other ways:

1) a person or organization sufficiently motivated and able to push an effort 
forward can now do it, even if it is outside the scope of Apple’s current 

2) it encourages more folks to get involved in implementation tasks, by 
providing an incentive to do so.

Hopefully both of these will lead to a broader and stronger Swift community.


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