On 20.12.2016 11:26, Emanuel Kleindienst wrote:
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Hey Sire!

- how shall we have the Beerings in 2017?
Keep it like it was.  I'll promise to join more often ;-)
- Still always on Mondays? Suggestions?
I like Monday, because then you have something to look forward to on an otherwise... well... MONDAY!
- Different format? Different locations? Different agenda?
Most and for all, the location should be well reachable by public transport. Until now that was almost always the case. We could start some rating of the locations after the event in order to improve there. Possible rating criteria could be beer choice, service quality, food quality, reachability, atmosphere, price range...
- How we attract more Shegeeks?
Maybe we should rename to Beer & C├╝pli Event? SCNR :-)
Based on the percentage of women in IT, the number of ladies joining beer events matches that figure more or less, unfortunately.
Thanks, Season's Greetings and have a perfect restart in 2017!!!
Same same!

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