On 2016-12-20 16:49, Viktor Steinmann wrote:
> On 20.12.2016 15:37, Gregor Riepl wrote:
>> How about Bern, Lausanne, Basel, St. Gallen, or somewhere else once in
>> a while?
> The original idea of the beer event was, to meet with a smaller group of
> geeks more often than during the "official" SwiNOG meetings, locally. We
> started our "chapter" in Zurich, because that's where I worked at the
> time (I'm the founder of this event, together with Steven Glogger).
> There have been some Beer Events in Geneva as well iirc and maybe even
> in Berne? Please continue that if the need is there!

There is also: http://www.beerontuesday.ch/

Slightly different audience (defcon switzerland / bsides zurich /
"infosec" etc) but related to keeping the Internet save and useable :)

Runs on Tuesdays in a variety of places. Effectively: 1st tuesday =
bern, 2nd = zurich, 3rd = Geneva, 4th = Lucerne, 5th = Lausanne.

Website has all the details; I am just pimping that event, contact the
folks from Defcon Switzerland for more exact details etc...

Have a good new year folks!


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