So, Xcode gives me hundreds of warnings when I try to build for 64 bit mode. I've also tried 
searching the mailing list so I see that some people earlier in the year may be have seen the same 
warnings (for PocketSword), so I think I better understand why I've seen that some of the libraries 
were updated(I don't know if all were updated or ?). However, I'm still getting errors and some of 
it is in the Sword framework. My impression so far of what's going on is that Xcode is telling me 
is that there are datatypes which are not being converted properly. I think this is happening due 
to things like "int" and "long" not occupying the same amount of space or 
something like they use to do in 32 bit and so need a casting in order to be converted properly?
     An example is listkey.h at line 147 in which "index" is a "long", but then 
setToElement is for an "int".
     Another is swbuf.h at line 448 "...const { unsigned int psize = 
strlen(postfix); ..." where Xcode warns that there's a loss of precision. That an 
unsigned long is converting to an unsigned int. I think that unsigned long occupies 64 
bits when run in 64 bit mode, but the int stays in 32 bits when run in 64 bit mode.
    I have compared the Sword framework that it's using against the last stable 
one and there's doesn't seem to be changes to address the issues I'm seeing.
    Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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