On 04/08/2018 10:29 PM, Vince LaRue wrote:
> Is there a way to install a module manually from a local source? (like
> Module Maintainer Mode in PocketSword) I'd like to be able to install
> a module that I've been working on for a friend who has an Android device.
I don't think Bishop provides this on its own, but you can copy in the
hard way, to InternalStorage/sword, as seen from e.g. File Manager or
any ftp client. ftp is how I initialized my module set on my Android.
> I also don't see an item on the Wiki page
> (https://wiki.crosswire.org/Choosing_a_SWORD_program) that indicates
> this support.
David added a column to the page for it ("B") but it's empty so far.
Troy should spend a little time filling it in.
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