Am 26.05.2015 um 16:17 schrieb Lennart Poettering:
On Tue, 26.05.15 15:12, Dimitri John Ledkov ( wrote:

Or will there be a v220.1 release shortly with releasy fix-ups?

Well, we don't do point releases in systemd.

and why?

just "because don't do" is not enough

In systemd git we already have now the change that makes sd-bus and
sd-event public APIs, hence v221 is going to be more than just

that don't fix 220

Also, next week I'll be travelling and I doubt I will be able to
finish a new release by then. Maybe in the middle of June we can get
out a new release

which shows that a important project like systemd playing on the same level as the linux kernel *just needs* point releases, there is a reason that the kernel has point-releases and not only for the latest and greatest version, systemd as well as the kernel are not a random webbrowser

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