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which shows that a important project like systemd playing on the same level
as the linux kernel *just needs* point releases, there is a reason that the
kernel has point-releases and not only for the latest and greatest version,
systemd as well as the kernel are not a random webbrowser

There's a stable git tree maintained by Zbigniew, Lukas and friends,
that carries backports for the stable releases. Most vendors should
consider following that repo I figure.

I try to help the backporting business by tagging the commits I
personally consider backport-worthy with "git notes" and the
"Backport:" field

it just works poor

  never got fixed in F20 but is fixed in Fedora 21
* open for months

and in general a bunch of git commits don't replace a upstream changelog of a minor release where as user you never have any idea what your current installed package really is

with a 220.1 and a usptream download of 220.1 containing a changelog things are entirely different (besides that the version numbers for a project existing just a few years are strange to say it nicely)

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