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which shows that a important project like systemd playing on the same level
as the linux kernel *just needs* point releases, there is a reason that the
kernel has point-releases and not only for the latest and greatest version,
systemd as well as the kernel are not a random webbrowser

There's a stable git tree maintained by Zbigniew, Lukas and friends,
that carries backports for the stable releases. Most vendors should
consider following that repo I figure.

I try to help the backporting business by tagging the commits I
personally consider backport-worthy with "git notes" and the
"Backport:" field

it just works poor

   never got fixed in F20 but is fixed in Fedora 21

Well, it's not really a bug. We require util-linux to be around. If
you make it unavailable then you get to to keep the pieces. It's that

sftp-chroot worked fine until Fedora 20 and started to work again with Fedora 21 so please don't pretend anything else than systemd is (or was) responsible to fail proper shutdown and termination of the recently by systemd invented user-session processes

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