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And the word actually *means* 'empty tomb': 'ancient Greek /κενοτάϕιον/ < /κενός/ empty [...] + /τάϕος/ tomb' (Oxford English Dictionary).

+1, I have added the tomb=cenotaph tag to
the proposal: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/tombs#Subtagging_types

the tag

would be like

makes little sense.

Cenotaphs are memorials/monuments. Not the place of burial therefore not a tomb.
A small sample of past use in OSM are;
Node The Cenotaph (59598355) -  London, UK
Way The Cenotaph (99953212)' San Antonio, USA
Node (1290835360) - Cenotaph - Montreal, Canada
Node: Cenotaph (3687638609) Hiroshima, Japan
Node: Cenotaph (2434280368) Saskatchewan, Canada
Node: Penang Cenotaph (1726781335) Malaysia
Node: Cenotaph (4011033735) Belfast, Ireland

The meaning of the Greek root ... and the meaning of the present English are different as happens over time and with translations between languages (Greek-Latin-English).
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