2016-10-05 11:20 GMT+02:00 Jo <winfi...@gmail.com>:

> We now have 1 country with 2 differing default values, depending on the
> region you happen to be in. A bit annoying. We'll probably need to tag all
> of them explicitely with maxspeed values. OTOH, we were already doing that
> anyway.

yes, you basically need a more refined mode than "country code", i.e.
regional code. E.g. source:maxspeed=BE-WAL:...   and BE-VLG:rural etc.
It does not really matter, the main reason for these codes is the
possibility to perform automatic edits in case the default changes. I.e. in
your situation you should be able to download all roads with
source:maxspeed=BE:rural and retag them according to the region they are in
with source:maxspeed=BE-VLG (and change maxspeed to 70) and
source:maxspeed=BE-WAL and no maxspeed modification.

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