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    The wiki documents for what particular tags are for. This tag is
    used 826577 times, so this documentation is essential.

    Also, we normally do not delete wiki pages at all. The process
    would be to discourage or deprecate the tag, however the reasons
    you gave above are very weak for me.

My point wasn't to delete any page but to remove frequency=* as a possible tag for power lines.

    frequency=16.7 is used a lot on railway networks where it is
    clearly distinguished from the 50 (Europe) or 60 (America) Hz
    regular energy distribution.

    frequency=0 (used on 35% of the tags) means DC power which is used
    on specific railways, and could also apply to DC distribution
    networks that I vaguely remember are constructed differently from
    traditional 50/60Hz-Networks.

I didn't say frequency isn't used but it is actually misused.
Frequency refers to power routes, not physical power lines

While the lines themselves don't have a frequency (well there are limits as to what they will take) themselves, as you say the supporting infrastructure (transformers, generators etc) have a nominal frequency.

If you want include a statement that power distribution lines themselves do not require a tag of frequency but relationships that have those lines as members should have a tag of frequency? Is that what you are after? Do remember that the wiki is a guide, not rules... try not to be pedantic.

Example :
A 400 kV 50Hz route : http://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/6359644
Which has lines as members : http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/41773490 http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/41828020 where frequency isn't mentioned.

If a 16.7 Hz line would have shared same sections, the relation would have frequency=16.7 and line sections wouldn't.

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