Hi Warin,

More than a guide, wiki sounds like a reference to me.
Actually, editors presets, QA tools and consumers - all after contributors
- will rely on it to define their behaviour and targets.

Agree with you there are no rules, just material to discuss and important
basis to built up on.

Yes, I'm not against a statement encouraging contributors to use relations
to separate logical things than physical things.
There is this proposal on that particular topic :


It wasn't about deprecating anything. Frequency is a good key.

No point to add relations on every minor line, but at neighbourhood scale,
it can mean something regarding the network organization
Like this : https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/6087750

Network map can't be completed unless we put logical relations on physical
lines to know where the power actually flows. Believe me it's useful and
have a high value.
Mappers aren't force at all to use those advanced techniques, but someone
who wants to should be encouraged.

That's why I want to tidy up this tiny piece of wiki without needing a lot
of arguments and energy.

Enjoy your evening
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