As there is an undergoing discussion about two different tag on wiki, it's
a good occasion for a clarification try regarding emergency=fire_hydrant +
water_source=* vs emergency=suction_point



My point is suction points and fire hydrant are different but compatible
things, as follow :
emergency=suction_point is a prefered place where to pump water in a river
emergency=fire_hydrant is a kind of device which may or not be present in
places like suction points but in a large amount of other places.

This will be convenient because anyone looking for fire_hydrant will know
what does it look like and if there are connectors or not
And anyone looking for suction_points will know if he/she have to bring
appropriate stuff to get water.

This would be great to find a consensus on this point as to make the fire
hydrant proposal better :)

All the best

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