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> Eric wrote
> "  This is an open database and we all "garden" the data to make sure that
> the
> information is correct."
> I think that information critical to safety needs a higher level of
> verification than just peer review.
> So the argument comes down to what is critical information.
> I normal times, road geometry on maps should not be critical to drivers
> because we expect them to use eyes/brain ahead of navigation prompts.(and
> yes I know this doesn't always happen)
> In times of emergency, certain information just must be correct and can not
> be allowed to be tampered with.

As someone who works in times of emergency, I can tell you OSM is the
goto dataset for many formal and informal response groups around the

It is consistently a good dataset, sometimes where no other datasets
can be located and is used very often.

The quality is a known average good and the #opendata nature is always
a plus. The crowd based nature makes it one of the best databases of
local amenities, schools, medical in many parts of the world.

OSM is used at every level of the disaster management cycle from the
UN and EC/EU organs to local groups with a van load of food.

OSM data gets automatically pushed to #HDX the main UN OCHA data
distribution point, it is that important and in demand.

Everyone on this list is making that dataset as good as it is. thank you.


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