Is there a case for a general mapping scheme for information that ceases to be 
valid on a date and could be automatically removed afterwards?

From: Nick Hocking <>
Sent: 08 September 2017 04:12:35
Subject: Re: [Tagging] Emergency shelters

Eric wrote   "Why would you delete data that is still valid and useful?"

My concern is that if these are permanent features, then people will say "ooh - 
they'll be the same as last time" and of course they probably won't be the same 
as last time and we may route people to a wrong place, with possible tragic 

I agree that this information should be left in place, but marked , unusable, 
until specifically activated by authorities, which I agree should be well ahead 
of time, so long as people know that they will not be usable until a state of 
emergency is declared.

Activation should be on a center by centre basis so that authorities will be 
more likely to ensure the list of centers is accurate and up-to-date.

I also think that this information should NOT be edited, in any way by anyone 
other than the authorities. This brings back the old arguments about read only 
data in OSM.
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