Eric Christensen <> writes:

> On 09/07/2017 11:24 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> do you recall why emergency:social_facility=shelter was chosen as a tag,
>> rather than a simple "emergency=shelter"? Because social_facility
>> shelter in osm is used with a different meaning, so it seems quite odd.
> I thought it was an odd choice, as well, but once I thought about it, it
> sort of made sense.
> The definition of a social_facility is "a feature that provides a social
> service."[0]  If you go further down, a social_facility=shelter is
> defined as "[a] facility that provides temporary sleeping facilities or
> refuge from exposure to the environment."  Isn't that what an emergency
> shelter is doing?

To respond to another point: the fact that authorities publish updated
lists of planned shelters from time to time is not that important.  Lots
of things change, and when they do, we update the map.  We don't put
expiration dates on roads because the government has not made a formal
commitment to maintain the road next year.  We just take them out when
they go away.

I see four different things:

  1) a "homeless shelter" that is generally open, for people that do not
  have a home, especially when it is cold.   An example:

  2) a place that authorities have a plan (or past practice) to use to let
  people sleep, when the people normally have a home but it's flooded or
  has no power and hence no heat and/or running water, etc.  These are
  typically schools or other public buildings and you absolutely cannot
  randomly show up during normal times and try to sleep there.
  Decisions to open and close are too fast for OSM editing and data
  fetch cycles.

  For these, notions of pet=yes can apply, because there's a plan a
  rules for what would happen.  It would be normal for such a shelter to
  be open for a single 48h period every 5 years, at least around me,
  more or less.

  3) a place where you can go if there is a tornado, that is generally
  accessible without a formal activation (probably; not really around me
  but others have talked about this)

  4) a "fallout shelter", which is sort of like 2 but for nuclear war,
  and maybe without the official opening part.

I see 1 as squarely what "social_facility=shelter" should mean.

2 I think "emergency=shelter" is good, and it's really not at all the
same thing as social_facility=shelter.

3 I would call emergency=weather_shelter or something.

4 I would call.... emergency=fallout_shelter

But my big point is that 1/2 are not actually that related and should
not be combined.

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