This goes against the principle of tagging the relation, not the
members. An admin area is syntactically analogous to a multipolygon and
it would be a shame to introduce yet another polygon tagging paradigm. 

What are you thinking for other types of boundaries? boundary=political,
boundary=national_park come to mind. Will they be treated differently to

What do you intend exactly when you say "maritime boundaries"? That part
of a (national) boundary which crosses water? Or some other definition? 


On 2018-03-10 01:51, Matthijs Melissen wrote:

> Hi all,
> OpenStreetMap Carto, the default stylesheet on, is
> considering to change the mechanism for rendering admin boundaries.
> The proposed rendering of admin borders will be based on admin
> boundary ways rather than polygons. This has a number of advantages -
> for example, it will make it possible to style maritime boundaries
> differently.
> The admin boundary ways are already in the database. However, in some
> cases they are missing an admin_level tag. When the proposed style
> change will be deployed, boundary=administrative ways without
> admin_level tag will no longer be rendered. I would therefore suggest
> to make sure admin_level tags are present on all
> boundary=administrative ways.
> A map showing admin boundary ways without admin_level tag (displayed
> in gray) can be found here:
> As can be seen, most countries already do have admin_level on ways.
> However, in for example Poland, Iran and Australia, this data seems to
> be missing.
> -- Matthijs
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