I agree that the priorities need to be codified (for the standard style), but 
this remains unchanged, no matter if the boundaries are rendered by polygon or 
by way.


Also, this is not something that should be decided or controlled by the 
mapper/data. The map database just collects all the available information. What 
of that data to use, and how to prioritize different data is up to every 
individual consumer, with osm-carto just being one of many.


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There is nothing about the data that's desired on the ways that requires any 
sort of human decision making, it can all be automatically derived from 
information that's already available.


One thing that should maybe be codified, is where multiple types of boundary 
coincide. For boundary=administrative it is pretty clear that the lowest value 
of admin_level takes precedence for the rendering, but what about if it is 
co-linear with a political boundary for example? I would expect the rendering 
for the admin boundary to take precedence here, but does everyone agree with 
that? What about the boundary of a police area combined with an admin boundary?


I am raising it here because it is subjective, i.e. subject to human decision 
making, in the absence of any consensus about the relative rendering priorities 
of these boundary types.



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