Also, I don't understand why the information would need to be manually tagged 
on the ways at all. Duplicating derivable information in a database seems like 
a very stupid move to me. All the required information is there already.

If some part of the process wants to go on information attached to the ways, 
but the information is stored on the multipolys that reference these ways, then 
some earlier process should automatically copy that information from the 
multipolys into the (temporary, "in-memory") representation of the ways. 

This sounds like a purely technical issue to me that should not require any 
changes (especially ones that go against all established practices) to the 
underlying database.

There is nothing about the data that's desired on the ways that requires any 
sort of human decision making, it can all be automatically derived from 
information that's already available.

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> Subject: Re: [Tagging] Tagging request: missing admin_level tags
> On 10.03.2018 09:36, Simon Poole wrote:
> > I would have to second this observation, this would seem to go
> exactly
> > against what we've tried to fix with multi-polygons (not to
> mention a
> > future area object type). Not to mention that a single way can be
> a
> > member of multiple different borders at different admin levels, so
> this would seem to be a non-starter in any case.
> In addition, the border ways can be other objects. Rivers are quite
> typical, which are easily included in a border relation. Tagging all
> border properties on the waterway leads to chaos.
> Besides the minor and not yet explained "maritime boundaries" case -
> what are the other advantages of the proposed change?
> tom
> >> On 2018-03-10 01:51, Matthijs Melissen wrote:
> >>
> >>> Hi all,
> >>>
> >>> OpenStreetMap Carto, the default stylesheet on,
> is
> >>> considering to change the mechanism for rendering admin
> boundaries.
> >>> The proposed rendering of admin borders will be based on admin
> >>> boundary ways rather than polygons. This has a number of
> advantages
> >>> - for example, it will make it possible to style maritime
> boundaries
> >>> differently.
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