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> > > If I'm not mistaken, the dictionary is referring the platform *on* the
> > > bus [^1], not to the bus stop.
> > 
> > As a native English speaker, I am sure that is the case. I have been
> > bemused by the use of "platform" to describe a typical bus stop.
> > Very definitely not BE in normal usage. 
> one may conclude that the term platform is then used interchangably
> for waiting area and specific areas on the vehicle  _or_  that there
> is a difference in usage of the term across modes of public trans-
> portation.

Yet another note. I haven't heard anyone refer to the floor of a railway
train as a "platform", although engineers might perhaps use that term.
In everyday BE usage, a railway platform is the raised waiting area
approximately matching the height of the (railway) coach floor. By
extension, it can apply to areas connecting to that boarding area,
especially in large stations in the spirit of that wikipedia entry.

In the context of buses, it tends to refer to the part of the vehicle 
where people may stand to alight or board.


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