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> > Almost, Safle Bws is a bus stop. A bus station is Gorsaf Bws :)
> > 
> > Phil (trigpoint)
> Let me look at my local bus station (well, what passes for one).
> Stands A, B, C, D and E.  Stand A consists of 4 bus shelters with at
> least 3 different routes stopping at them,
> In Welsh they are Safle A, Safle B, etc.

That is referring to the stops (or stands) within the bus station. The
overall area is Gorsaf Bws, same as as Railway Station (Gorsaf
Reilffordd) and Police Station (Gorsaf Heddlu).

It is very common to see the words Safle Bws painted on the road at Bus

Phil (trigpoint)

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