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> Hi,
> I'm tagging a 'disabled parking area' - these are fairly common in my country.

I know I am just jumping in - but this is also something I am interested in. 

I know if we have a big parking lot waiting the a few disabled spots along an 
isle near the store entrance, than capacity:disabled=4 added to a normal 
parking lot is appropriate.

But the instances I am trying to map are large disabled-only lots. They 
(sometimes) have a gate that the security guard opens, allowing anyone with a 
disabled plackerd to enter. It is a separately mappable lot near the normal 
access=customers. Most of them are physically separated from any other parking 
by kerbs and shrubs. 

I really think access=disabled is appropriate for this parking lot. All others 
are denied. 

Having to map space-by-space to just show that this *lot* is disabled-only 
seems weird. 

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