On 9/8/19 12:46 PM, Paul Allen wrote:

> So a campground owner is going to put Faraday cages around certain
> pitches to ensure
> they cannot receive WiFi?  Or is going to put very restricted-range WiFi
> points on certain
> pitches?  Or is going to run ethernet cables to some pitches but not others?
> I don't see this of being much use in real-life situations.

  I agree it's trivial data, and probably the wrong tag. I was trying to
cover cases were an individual camp_pitch may have a cell connection.
Especially in widely distributed camp spots in the more remote parts of
the western US, I occasionally find a camping spot with cell
connectivity, and others may find that useful.

  Also note that in the US, most KOA and other commercial campgrounds
have wifi. That coverage doesn't get to every camp_pitch though.

  And yes, I have definitely camped where there were ethernet and power
cables running to many locations. :-)

        -rob -

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