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> Also, cellular connectivity changes as operators add towers or 
> reconfigure existing ones.  There's also the consideration of whether
> there's 2G,  3G, 4G or 5G.  Probably best left to one of the
> dedicated cellular mapping apps such as cellmapper because that info
> is a little more likely to be updated more frequently.

  Ah, hadn't thought of that. I'm not hung up on using this tag, I was
just trying to make a complete list... but a different database might be
better maintained.

> In the UK if a campground stated they offer WiFi and some pitches didn't
> get it there would be complaints.  Grounds for prosecution about misleading
> advertising, even.

  Interesting. That isn't the case in the western US, or other countries
I've been in. Some even tell you were to stay if you want better
connectivity from your camp. They're usually honest about spotty
coverage, so not really a problem. Often the only wifi router is in the
main office/lodge, so it's pretty easy be out of range.

  Note the entire purpose of camping should not be making sure you have
a data connection. :-) I work in the field for prolonged periods, so
sometimes drop into a real campground to sync up data. (and a shower)

> With wired ethernet you have a point.  I've not seen any campgrounds
> here offer anything other than WiFI, though.

  Chaos Camp. :-) And a few other Hacker camp-outs I've attended. These
are temporary, so of course not worth mapping.

        - rob -

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