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>  Florimond Berthoux <florimond.berth...@gmail.com>:
>> So I propose to use for bicycle route
>> bicycle:type=trekking/road_bike/commute/mtb
> I don't think commute is a type of bicycle? Trekking maybe, but here in
Nederland they call a lot of bicycles "trekking" when they are really just
city bikes with a few extra gears and some fancy accessories.
> We also don't have a type "road bike". We do have "Omafiets"
(Grandmother's bike), mainly used by schoolgirls and young women.
Grandmothers have e-bikes, nowadays.

bicycle:type describe the type of cycle activity of the route not precisely
the type of the bicycle. (Though commuter bike is a type of bicycle and you
have road biking in Netherland
So values should be (if my english is right):

Florimond Berthoux
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