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> So I propose to use for bicycle route
> bicycle:type=trekking/road_bike/commute/mtb
I don't think commute is a type of bicycle? Trekking maybe, but here in
Nederland they call a lot of bicycles "trekking" when they are really just
city bikes with a few extra gears and some fancy accessories.
We also don't have a type "road bike". We do have "Omafiets" (Grandmother's
bike), mainly used by schoolgirls and young women. Grandmothers have
e-bikes, nowadays.

There is a lot of variation in bicycle types, lots of hybrids, too, and all
have electric variants nowadays. I don't think you want them all tagged in
the routes? Just the ones having dedicated routes?

Despite all the variations of bicycles I think very few types have
dedicated routes indicated as such on the road, in Nederland. Mtb would be
the only separately indicated type, I think, and that would include atb's.
If dedicated speed bicycle routes were signed on the roads,

The only other thing I see on the road is preferred routes in and around
cities. Most of the time these are not waymarked, it's just that the
signposts direct you to e.g. City Center over these routes, where shortcuts
through residential areas or parks may be available but not desirable. It's
not really a system, I think it's mainly locally decided to guide cyclists
around the block for safety.

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