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>> So I propose to use for bicycle route
>> bicycle:type=trekking/road_bike/commute/mtb
> I don't think commute is a type of bicycle? Trekking maybe, but here in
> Nederland they call a lot of bicycles "trekking" when they are really just
> city bikes with a few extra gears and some fancy accessories.
> We also don't have a type "road bike". We do have "Omafiets"
> (Grandmother's bike), mainly used by schoolgirls and young women.
> Grandmothers have e-bikes, nowadays.
> There is a lot of variation in bicycle types, lots of hybrids, too, and
> all have electric variants nowadays. I don't think you want them all tagged
> in the routes? Just the ones having dedicated routes?
> Despite all the variations of bicycles I think very few types have
> dedicated routes indicated as such on the road, in Nederland. Mtb would be
> the only separately indicated type, I think, and that would include atb's.
> If dedicated speed bicycle routes were signed on the roads, that would be
> taggable I guess, but we don't have those. Yet? There is talk of bicycle
> speedways, but so far it's just talk.

> The only other thing I see on the road is preferred routes in and around
> cities. Most of the time these are not waymarked, it's just that the
> signposts direct you to e.g. City Center over these routes, where shortcuts
> through residential areas or parks may be available but not desirable. It's
> not really a system, I think it's mainly locally decided to guide cyclists
> around the block for safety.
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