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the "name:xx" tags are something of an exception in OSM because while we
defer to "local knowledge" as the highest-ranking source normally, this
is not being done for name:xx tags. It is possible for no single citizen
of the city of Karlsruhe to know its Russian name, but still a Russian
name could exist. Who is the highest-ranking source for that?

My guess is that about 5% of name:xx tags in OSM actually represent a
unique name in its own right; all others are either copies of the name
tag ("this city does not have its own name in language XX but I want
every city to have a name:xx tag so I'll just copy the name tag"), or
transliterations (or, worst case, even literal translations).

Or if you don't have the time to think about this in detail, just answer
the question: tlhIngan Hol - Hlja' or ghobe'?


I would think that a default should be used - where the required language name is not within OSM then the local language name should be used. This should stop the copying of the local language name into other languages and reduce data bloat. Only when the name is different from the local name should another name:xx be used, particularly where a differentalphabet/symbols are used.

However, a sample case?

The name Uluru isYankunytjatjara, but probably shared with 5 other local languages. So those language tags would all be the same value.

The 'old' name is Ayres Rock, English language.

There are many people that come there from overseas who speak other languages, having their name in those languages may help them.

Common languages heard around Ayres Rock or Uluru are English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French and some dialect of the Western Desert Language.

The peak is node 2251425855,
the rock itself is way 32639987,
the park is relation 8314513.

Some tags used at present are;

alt_name        Ayers Rock
alt_name:cs     Ayersova skála
alt_name:en     Ayers Rock
name    Uluṟu
name:cs         Uluru
name:en         Uluru
name:pjt        Uluṟu
name:ru         Улуру

I would drop the tags name:en, name:cs, alt_name:en as they duplicate the 

I would keep the tags name:ru and alt_name:cs as they are different from the 
'normal' value.

I would also keep name:pjt as that is the source of the name and different from 
the official language of the Country.

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