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> >> *An additional issue:*
> >> 6. sac_scale is currently the only tag (possibly together with
> mtb:scale)
> >> to denote the difficulty of a hiking trail (that is, the way, not the
> >> route). But it's very geared towards alpine trails and there is not
> enough
> >> nuance in the lowest levels.
> >
> >  As a climber, I don't think we'd want to apply YDS to hiking trails.
> > To me, YDS should only used for technical routes requiring equipment
> > (usually).
> As a Sierra Club member in Southern California (where the YDS originated
> long before my time), a hiker and a former climber I must mention that 1,
> 2, 3, and 4 on the YDS are basically levels of difficulty in hiking.
> Climbers really only work with 5 and its various subdivisions. Ruling out
> the whole scale simply because one level of it is dedicated to climbing is
> a bit much.
> OTOH, the Australians have a bush walking scale that does not, from what
> I’ve seen, include levels for climbing so that might be choice that does
> not automatically connote a different outdoor activity.

So would we try & combine a walking scale & a climbing / alpine scale into
one, or have two scales?

Two would probably make a lot more sense, with "Walking / Hiking" 1 - 5,
then sac starting at about 4/5.

Something else that I've just thought about & not sure whether it would
need to be mentioned - possibility of encountering dangerous wildlife?

Yes, there are 1000 things in the Australian bush that'll kill you :-), but
none of them will actually eat you! (not even Drop Bears!
https://australianmuseum.net.au/learn/animals/mammals/drop-bear/ :-)) Same
applies to (virtually?) all of Western Europe, but how about North America,
Africa, Asia & so on? Do we have / need a way of tagging that bears (or
whatever) may be encountered while walking in this area?


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