My entire county is contained within a national forest, and most of the
roads through residential areas are a single lane dirt road maintained
(sort-of) by the homeowners themselves. Often at the last house the road
becomes an unmaintained jeep trail, usually gated, and goes a really
long way into the forest. We use these for wildland fires and rescues

  The question is how to tag the change in the road. Usually it becomes
"smoothness=very_bad", etc... The question is since it's now more of a
track used by jeeps, should it be narrow=yes, still lanes=1, or should I
use width=2m ? To me, lanes= seems to apply more to non 4wd_only tracks.
They're also usually narrower than the single lane highway too. The
width of the "highway" is important if you're trying to figure out what
size fire truck to bring to the wildland fire...

        - rob -

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