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> Subject: Re: [Tagging] narrow=yes, vs lanes=1, vs width
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>   The question is how to tag the change in the road. Usually it becomes
> "smoothness=very_bad", etc... The question is since it's now more of a
> track used by jeeps, should it be narrow=yes, still lanes=1, or should I
> use width=2m ? To me, lanes= seems to apply more to non 4wd_only tracks.
> They're also usually narrower than the single lane highway too. The
> width of the "highway" is important if you're trying to figure out what
> size fire truck to bring to the wildland fire...
> highway=track.  There's no lanes, so leave that tag off.  Never heard of
> narrow=yes before.
> highway=track appears to be incorrect here (but may be still correct if it
> is leading to
> only vacation huts)

3 and 4 digit forest service roads?  They're there exclusively there for
the benefit of forestry (namely logging, replanting and fire suppression).
If they happen to help someone else get where they're going, great, but
that's not what they're built and maintained for.
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