It's centered on motorists‘ point of view as long as cars are granted
the central role as user group of streets in the traffic planning
discourse - for the time after that we already have
highway=living_street, highway=pedestrian and bicycle_road=yes.


Am 21.09.20 um 12:42 schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer:
> isn’t this all centered on motorists‘ point of view? 
> What do people think about seeing it from other perspectives, e.g. 
> highway=cycleway and adding tags like primary=track (means there is an 
> implied primary road, physically separated, which is running along this 
> cycleway).
> Can also be done for sidewalks:
> highway=footway
> footway=sidewalk
> name=Highstreet
> has_road=primary
> is there interest in developing such complementary tagging ?
> Cheers Martin 
> ;-)
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