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The problem remains that physically non-existent road crossings ("wildly
> crossing the street"), which in reality represent a crossing possibility
> for many users, are still not available for routing. In my opinion, this
> problem is not very relevant if separate ways are well mapped (which they
> often are unfortunately not!) and all essential routable connections are in
> the database. At the beginning and at the end of the route, people can use
> their brains ("destination across the street") if their routers do not
> solve this task for them.

This isn't as simple as you make out.  Assume that I am at point A and wish
go to point B, which involves a "wild crossing" at some point between the
However, there is a real crossing at point C, a mile beyond point B,  A
will direct me to travel to point C (a mile further than my destination) in
to cross the road there, so I can then walk a mile back to B.

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