On 15/10/2020 17:36, Jmapb via Tagging wrote:
I've always been surprised to see a footway=crossing/cycleway=crossing
way with the intersection node tagged as highway=crossing. There's
only a single physical crossing, so this seems contra to the
one-feature-one-element rule.

A highway=crossing node makes sense in an area without mapped
footways/cycleways. But if the crossing ways are mapped, routing
software will need to examine the intersection node and scan the
properties of all highways intersecting there. It seems to make
tagging the node itself redundant.

Are there really routers that require the node be tagged as well?

Routers do not need highway=crossing to detect crossings, every node
where 3 or more ways connect is a crossing.

I also do not add highway=crossing unless I also add crossing=*

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