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> On 16. Oct 2020, at 09:32, Richard Fairhurst <> wrote:
> generally bicycle=dismount should be used instead, reserving bicycle=no for 
> those circumstances where even pushing a bike is not legal (e.g. most public 
> footpaths in England & Wales).

most bicycle=no tags out there actually mean that you cannot ride a bike, not 
that you cannot have a bike in your pocket or be pushing a bike or carrying a 
bike in a box or on your shoulders.

I would suggest a different tag than bicycle=no for places where you cannot 
bring a bicycle, because otherwise you will never know which interpretation of 
bicycle=no was used by the mapper.

The wiki is unsure about the exact meaning, the bicycle=* page says it is about 
restrictions for bicycles while the access page (older) says it is about 
restrictions for cyclists. IMHO the most common interpretation is legality of 
cycling/riding a bicycle.

Cheers Martin 
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