On 7/24/07, Iikku Mattila <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I have problems with the search tag from the JNDI-taglib. The following
bit works:

<jndi:useDirContext id="test" url="java:comp/env/ldap/portal" />
<jndi:lookup id="foo" contextRef="test" name="uid=quux, ou=Staff" />
<jndi:forEachAttribute ref="foo" id="bar">
          <%=bar%> <br/>

I neatly get all the stored information. However, when I try for example

<jndi:search id="baz" contextRef="test" filter="uid=quux"

baz ends up being null. I've tried adding values to 'attributes',
different searchScopes, looking up different contexts for use, etc. What
am I missing?

Seems like it might be a filter thing. Try filter="(uid=quux)".


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