Hi Mihai!
You have not acknowledged that you understand why we are not satisfied with the 
edit done by biancah_telenav.

Would you please ask biancah to "disimprove_osm" and revert changeset 
41680708. There are 3 major errors in that changeset.

I have some real (surveyed) improvements to add to the map and I would prefer 
to add them on solid grounds.

By the way, I recommend to all Canadian mappers to verify all changesets 
generated by Telenav. In the next few weeks I will verify and survey work done 
by biancah_telenav and florinbadita_telenav in my area. The Canadian portion of 
the Map is not a Etch-a-Sketch (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etch_A_Sketch) 
for novices.

Among the 700 changesets generated by biancah in the last 6 weeks, I would say 
that 30% of them are titled "added ways" and 40% are titled with "added lanes 
number". Not very informative IMHO.


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