Hi John,

> I would like to purpose OSM uses the same standard as this Wikipedia
> Article.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_communities_in_Nunavut

Seems reasonable.

> I really believe that *name=** should be written in english (Community).

It's certainly more consistent than using "English <space> Inuktitut",
since it's unlikely that people will call it two things at once.

Please add name:en as well for the English names. That way, automatic
parsing will show a little less cultural bias.

> Inuktitut name if different from the name = *alt_name*

alt_name looks to me like it's for a name that's different in the same
language. This would be the case for Kugaaruk, which is also (according
to the Wikipedia article) known as Arviligjuaq.

> Inuktitut syllabics = *name:in (ᐃᖅᐊᓗᑦ)*

name:iu, surely?

Best Wishes,

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