On 10/17/2016 11:59 PM, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> The person responsible for cleaning up a poor revert should be the
> person who ran it ;) it's only 30% complete and will run far into the
> night in my time zone and I'll have to check on it after getting up. I'm
> confident all will be fixed when you get up tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately the import was larger than expected and the revert drags
on. Meanwhile, a couple of accounts have been newly created by parties
unknown ("addxy_imports", "ottawa_import") and these have (accidentally
or purposefully) interfered with the revert, meaning that it will take
even longer for me do this right.

I would like to appeal to all involved parties to show some maturity.
The import was in clear violation of established processes; it must be
reverted, and then the community can - calmly and without any time
pressure - decide what they want to do with the data.

I haven't analysed the import in depth but I have seen a couple of
examples where a perfectly well mapped building was wiped clean and
replaced with one that was not at all better - this is clearly something
we don't want to see in an import, it is a technical (or procedural)
shortcoming that would definitely have been pointed out had there been a
proper discussion beforehand.

The requirement to talk about imports before you act is not an
unnecessary bueraucratic hurdle; it is intended to avoid disappointment
on all sides. An import that fears the broad daylight is probably one
that should not be attempted at all!

I should maybe have made that clearer in my initial email but I'm acting
here as a member of the OSMF's data working group in response to a
legitimate complaint, not as a German mapper seeking trouble. I
sincerely ask everyone involved to keep calm and let the revert complete

I see that user LogicalViolinist has already found fields of endeavour
outside of Canada for the time being.


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