On Fri, 2016-10-14 at 16:38 +0000, Stuart Reynolds wrote:
> That was my understanding, yes. PSV is a wider-ranging mode than just
> bus.
My understanding is psv is public service vehicles, so it is only buses
that are on public routes, so will not include a bus that is privately
hired and psv also includes taxis (as in hackneys), but not private

My brother in law once received a penalty for driving in a bus lane in
London, they had just looked at the type of vehicle assuming all
hackneys are black cabs. He got it cleared as his was a hackney

There can also be ructions if a private hire car has the word Taxi on
it, even if it is the company name. Hence if I had a firm called Wem
Taxi's, only the hackneys could display that name. The private hire
cars would just display Wem. Again that happened to the firm my brother
in law works for.

Phil (trigpoint)

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