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> Thank you Steve for that ITO link. I was unaware of that and it really is a 
> nice tool to see the overall status of the TIGER fixup in an area.

You are welcome, Tod; I'm happy to share what I know.

> I used to simply delete the the tiger:reviewed tag. But, based on things I’ve 
> read either in the mail lists or elsewhere, more recently I’ve been deleting 
> all the TIGER tags when I’ve surveyed the road and fixed any alignment, etc. 
> issues. I see on the ITO map that changes the color to black whilst simply 
> removing the reviewed tag turns it blue. . .

Yes, and this makes for an interesting view that Ito map provides, as areas 
which had roads non-TIGER added (manually or from another dataset/import) do 
show up as black.  For example, some Native American reservations display as 
all-black in this map, as many areas received no ways with TIGER tagging.

> Anyway, what is the current best practice dealing with TIGER tags once the 
> road has been surveyed and corrected? Remove all TIGER tags or just the 
> reviewed tag?

As I am not familiar with the "things you've read," while also wondering myself 
whether additional TIGER tags (tiger:cfcc, tiger:zip, etc.) should remain or be 
deleted, I also pose this question to the greater talk-us community.  What DO 
we do with these additional TIGER tags as we endeavor to "clean up TIGER" in 
the USA?  Is there consensus on a definitive "best practice" for removing or 
leaving them?  (Consensus is clear that we remove tiger:reviewed=no after we've 
reviewed the way).

Our wiki https://wiki.osm.org/wiki/TIGER_fixup is silent on this particular 
issue (of removing or leaving additional tags).  BTW another wiki of ours, 
https://wiki.osm.org/wiki/TIGER_Edited_Map gives a nice overview/documentation 
of the Ito map.

We might create a new thread or keep it in this one:  but even as a seasoned 
TIGER cleanup volunteer, I don't know what to do with additional TIGER tags, 
and I guarantee everybody reading this that I'm not alone there!

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