Clifford Snow <> wrote
> How many of the TIGER imported streets are still untouched?

Thanks for rallying us with this great thrust forward, Clifford, with excellent 
Challenges, resources and direction.  I'd like to add one more tool I use for 
TIGER cleanup, the Ito! map at:

This can be slow to load, and subsequent changes you make take several days to 
a couple of weeks to re-render, but over a longer-term (months to years) I have 
found it to be a valuable tool.  When a "divide and conquer" strategy is 
applied (for example, a county or sub-area of a county), progress becomes 
visually rewarding.  Seattle, largely dark blue (great!) or light blue (OK for 
now) looks better-than-average, as you note and as would be expected.  However, 
as soon as you drop out of the urban megalopolis, things get orange (fix me) 
and red (fix me FIRST!) rather quickly.  This helps prioritize what TIGER data 
need attention sooner, like right now!

Remember, after you review tags and alignment of TIGER data, REMOVE the 
tiger:reviewed=no tag, don't change its value to yes.

I don't want to pick a year as to when the US will "finish fixing TIGER," it 
might be decades.  But that's OK, it will be worth it, as our map gets better 
every day.

Happy mapping,
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