hi there, Sure, I could try for a show on tbrn,
The problem with that is, that I have a very slow internet connection, so can only output up to 30kbps at any 1 time.
I am on there now if you want to listen to it.
call my hotline on team talk, if you want to chat, via voice.
Broadcasting on tbrn.net might not be free of charge, and I would want to start
 broadcasting straite away.
But you can listen to me if you want too.
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Sure You might want to try for a show on t b r n. Team Talk well lets you say you might be band for Random 3.
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Subject: The Talk2 List back again

hi foaks:
For a very short time, due to popular demand, Random3 is back on tbrn's team talk server.
Joine me LIV, as we make our way through a pretty cold, but dry Wednesday evening.
Broadcast on Random3 is skedualled to start at 16:00 new zealand time, gmt+12
See you there, and remember, you can IM me, while on air, at:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] for net messenger, and msn, or:
skype0002607 for skype.
Please noet that my skype account is restricted to feemail only.
Thanks once again, to tbrn, and the 2000 listeners through the archived recordings and the random3 LIV streem.
Kind reguards, Shaun.

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