Hi, I'm asking if it's possible to drop this subject about random?3
I believe everyone's clear on ware everyone else stands.
Also, it's starting to take up space in my in box that could be used for other more important things.
Spam should also be destroyedd as well, bu no one here can do anything about that, lol.
Have a good day, and see ya!
"Falling is easy
It's getting back up that becomes the problem
And if you believe you can find a way out
Then you've solved the problem"(staind, "falling"
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Subject: Re: The Talk2 List back again

And something I should clearify, most mail contacts that have added me, have
been extreamly dodjy, so as a result, restricded it to feemail only, unless
I acctually know the contact in person.
You can't voice call in, as it is not permitted anyway, only text chat and
IM messengers can be used.

So go stream your selves.!
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> Hi, what's this mean?
> quote Please noet that my skype account is restricted to feemail only.
> unquote.
> Are you a gender racist. or are you really hornee and want skypesex on
> your show.
> Oh man, I can't call in. agg. what am I going to do.
> ON 7/7/2006 at 0:47 Ihug said
> hi foaks:
> For a very short time, due to popular demand, Random3 is back on tbrn's
> team talk server.
> Joine me LIV, as we make our way through a pretty cold, but dry Wednesday
> evening.
> Broadcast on Random3 is skedualled to start at 16:00 new zealand time,
> gmt+12
> See you there, and remember, you can IM me, while on air, at:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] for net messenger, and msn, or:
> skype0002607 for skype.
> Please noet that my skype account is restricted to feemail only.
> Thanks once again, to tbrn, and the 2000 listeners through the archived
> recordings and the random3 LIV streem.
> Kind reguards, Shaun.
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