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> I'm reading all of this with some interest: I tried a Fedora Net Install
> about four months back.  And I appear to be the only person on this list
> who had a problem with it.  Specifically, I got to the page where you have
> to fill in details about your system and users (I think, I'm doing this
> from memory) and couldn't proceed further despite having filled in the
> details because the installer was having a hard time either getting the
> list of mirrors or finding a responsive mirror (I think it was the
> former).  The result was a ten minute delay, despite my having a fully
> functional network connection.  A bit of research at the time seemed to
> indicate that this was an uncommon but not unheard-of problem with the Net
> Installer.  It left me strongly inclined to make the big ISO download ...
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   I have now updated my website install notes.  I state in them that the 
documentation sucks, and that all the default values work fine.  I did not fill 
in the repository window.

Howard Gibson 
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