On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 07:26:51PM -0500, Stewart C. Russell via talk wrote:
> Most ARMs are just application processors. If you're building a set-top
> box, you don't want to pay for all of those extra address lines you'll
> never use. While it's not about the RAM, Chris Tyler at Seneca gives an
> interesting talk about how 64-bit ARM does some rather clever
> vectorization by working with 128-bit vectors internally.
> I'm guessing the demand for ARM as anything other than application
> processor isn't there yet. Witness AMD's Opteron A1100: production has
> been scaled back, possibly even stopped. In theory you can still get a
> $600 A1100 dev box from SoftIron, but it's not readily available.

If it was actually possible to buy arm servers I think at least some
people would have (I know I would have in the past), but none of the
systems announced could actually be bought unless you were google or
facebook or something like that.

So the makers can't claim there isn't a market because they never actually
tried to sell it.

It seems a few systems from gigabyte can now be bought, but it took a
while for that to become possible.

As for the A1100, by now an A57 system is totally irrelevant.  They took
way too long to do anything with it.

Len Sorensen
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